Sustainable Tourism in the coastal areas workshop

Africa-RISE is pleased to invite you to a workshop on “Sustainable Coastal Tourism in Tanzania” to present the main findings and recommendations of a study that was commissioned by the EU Delegation in Tanzania in support of its programming process for the new programme “Blue Economy for Job Creation and Climate Change Adaptation”.   


Along with other economic activities carried out in the Coastal areas and the Islands of the United Republic Tanzania, we firmly believe that Tourism can represent a great opportunity to generate income and employment, involve local communities, promote cultural tangible and intangible heritage, while protecting the environment. However, it can also have negative social and environmental impacts, which need to be mitigated.    

What are the main challenges and opportunities to promote sustainable Tourism in Tanzania? What are the global trends and threats? Are there good examples, best practices applied locally? Which models /approaches could be more successful on the Tanzanian Coast and Islands? These are some of the questions Africa RISE team tried to address, with the help and inputs of many stakeholders consulted over the past year.   


The objective of the workshop is to present the findings and recommendations of the Africa-RISE study that will contribute to defining further activities to be implemented under the Blue Economy for Job Creation and Climate Change Adaptation Programme.


The study was commissioned by the EU Delegation to Tanzania in support of its programming activities on Blue Economy and carried out by a team of consultants mobilised by Africa RISE



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