EU Africa RISE participation in the “EU-Zambia Copper Business Forum “Growing the Copper Industry through sustainable value chains” in Zambia


EU Africa RISE team participated in the EU-Zambia Copper Business Forum Growing the Copper Industry through sustainable value chains, in Kitwe (Copperbelt), Zambia 


The high-level event, held over three-days (10-12 April 2024) and jointly organised by EUD Zambia and COMESA with Zambia Government and Zambian private sector organisations, offered a unique platform to explore new investment and trade opportunities for captains of industries, investors, private sector organisations, chambers of commerce, public institutions, policymakers from the copper value chain. The business forum built on a study commissioned by the EUD Zambia & COMESA to Africa RISE in late 2022, to unveil opportunities for expanding and enforcing the EU-Zambia copper-trade. 


Over 250 European and Zambian investors and enterprises participated in business-to-business sessions, roundtables, workshops or panel discussion and learnt about investment opportunities in upstream or downstream copper value chain, or opportunities within circular economy relating to re-processing and selling by-products from copper mining. 

The event had the president of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema, giving the keynote address, highlighting the importance the Government is giving to the development of the copper value chain. Other key speakers were Karolina Stasiak, Ambassador of the European Union to Zambia and COMESA, Mayor of Kitwe, Her Worship Madam Mpasa Mwaya, Hon. Paul C. Kabuswe, MP, Minister of Mines and Mineral Development, Hon. Collins Nzovu, MP, Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Mr. Henrik Hololei, Special Advisor, European Commission, Hon Chikoka Mulenga, Minister of Commerce Trade and industry. 


The forum highlighted the potential for Zambia to further develop its copper industry and emphasised the importance of collaboration between the government, private sector, and international partners to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. ​ The forum covered various sessions and discussions on opportunities in the upstream, circularity, and downstream sectors of the copper industry. ​ It highlighted the government's efforts to improve mining in the upstream sector through arbitration and resolving disputes, as well as formalizing small-scale miners for partnerships with investors. ​ The need to increase the production of cathode for local manufacturers was emphasised, along with the challenges of accessing copper ore and creating efficiency in the licensing process. ​ Circular economy opportunities were discussed, including the potential to turn copper tailings into value and the importance of partnership and collaboration. ​ In the downstream sector, the focus was on factors affecting the cable industry, the need for local demand to be met before international demand, and the importance of raising quality standards and protecting the local market. ​  



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Stay tuned for the event summary briefing as well as the upcoming Africa RISE video on the Facility work on CRM, including on copper in Zambia.