EFSD(+) Workshop for Bankers and MFI Practitioners in Madagascar, Mauritius and Rwanda

The Africa RISE program, funded by the European Union, is pleased to invite you to a hybrid workshop on the 24 th of April on the European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus (EFSD+).  EFSD+ is one of the financing tools of the European Union’s Global Gateway, promoting sustainable investments in the EU’s partner countries. It seeks to leverage a range of risk-sharing options totaling €40 billion to generate as much as €135 billion in combined public and private financing, aiming to support partner countries in their pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The workshop is tailored for corporate banking managers and DFI-relation managers who are looking to widen their understanding of the funding opportunities for financial institutions under EFSD+. The workshop will be praxis-oriented, highlighting especially:

• Guarantee Opportunities for (M)SME Financing

• Financing Facilities to Strengthen Local Currency Markets

Our workshop discussions will center on:

• Showcasing how the EU Global Gateway can be a catalyst for economic growth in Eastern Africa and how EFSD+ resources can be accessed as banks.

• Sharing practical experiences and lessons learned via case studies on current EFSD+ projects and beneficiaries in the region.

• Providing a platform for exchange among existing and potential future EFSD+ partnerships and projects.


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