Change Management in Business Reforms- Case of Malawi, Madagascar and Seychelles

Between 2021 and 2024, Africa RISE consultants have been engaged in some 80 assignments which have very important learnings. Some of our projects in Malawi, Madagascar and Seychelles addressed both the Business reforms and change management. 

The objective of the webinar is to provide a virtual platform to discuss change management in business facilitation reforms. We will draw on lessons learned from three of our Africa RISE projects as follows: 

Theme 1: case of Malawi - Change management for Business Facilitation for MITC 

In Malawi our consultants looked at ways to make the Malawi Investment and Trade center more efficient in its operations in the project 

Theme 2: case of Madagascar - Change management for operations reforms and digitalisation of the Economic Development Board of Madagascar 

In Madagascar, as part of the Africa RISE project in support of the reforms within the Economic Development Board of Madagascar, our team carried out several elements of change management towards business reforms for operational changes and for digitalization. 

Theme 3: case of Seychelles - Change Management for Port operators and users in view of reforms in the sector and digitalisation 

In Seychelles, opportunities and challenges were identified for the Project for business process mapping and re-engineering and the digital system implementation based on all the change management activities. These activities included conducting a stakeholder analysis, undertaking a change readiness assessment through an e-survey, and awareness workshops. These opportunities and challenges led to the crafting of the change management strategy. The change management strategy was then used to develop two action plans for implementation: the change communication and engagement plan and the change adoption support plan. 

These cases will provide some key learnings that can help tackle the reform agenda in institutions. The aim is to promote and discuss all outputs from the projects mentioned above with the experts we worked with (Severine Flores and Anjena Seewooruthun) as well as the lessons learned and the scope of intervention in those projects.


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