A new set of regulations to strengthen the Seychelles Ports Authority with the support of Africa RISE


06 March 2024 - A new set of regulations to strengthen the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) 's powers is expected to come into force this year, with the collaboration of the International Convention on the Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL). The project to re-engineer SPA processes is being realised with the support of the European Union’s Africa RISE.  


Africa Rise has provided a series of support to the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA)This includes: 

  • SEY-002 which aimed at change management and digitalisation of the Port,  
  • SEY-004, which developed a draft for the Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) regulations;  and  
  • SEY-006 which looks at supporting the implementation of reforms at the port. 


The SPA was established in October 2004 under the SPA Act (2004) to manage Port Victoria, a multi-functional port and the main international gateway to the Seychelles economy. 

In its drive to modernise port services, extend capacity, and improve service delivery, the Seychelles Port Authority (SPA) is implementing the Port Victoria Rehabilitation & Extension Project and has concurrently embarked on the full-blown process of digitisation of its port operations through the implementation of the Port Victoria Management Information System (PVMIS). The PVMIS is a web-based solution designed for real-time planning and management of port operations through complete control of core port activities such as vessel traffic management, vessel calls, and cargo-handling operations.  

A meeting was organised with the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority (SMSA) in March to apprise stakeholders of the provisions of the proposed draft to domesticate the FAL Convention, which Seychelles acceded to in 1989.  

SPA deputy chief executive Egbert Moustache highlighted the importance of the regulations, which give the SPA enforcement powers and make it mandatory for the port's clients to use the Port Victoria Management Information System (PVMIS). 

The system is working really well and all the port-related agencies are already branched into the system, and putting it to work. But as we progress, we are making improvements and we hope that by July, things will work even better than now,” Dr Moustache stated. 

The Africa RISE SEY-002 project, officially launched on March 27, 2023, (which is now completed) is set to bring about a positive transformation in the business services in Seychelles. The aim of the project was to assist SPA in the re-engineering of its business processes, a change that we believe will significantly enhance the SPA’s service delivery capability. This transition from a largely manual operating model to business process readiness for operational digitalisation holds great promise for the future of the SPA  

Presently, the computerised customs management system, ASYCUDA, which covers most foreign trade procedures and handles manifests and customs declarations, is being integrated into the PVMIS. 

Senior legal officer at the SMSA, Wilnette Joseph, explained that the regulations make provisions for standardised documentation associated with the arrival, stay and departure of vessels engaged in international voyages. 

This will facilitate things administratively for SPA, to work with these documents. It will also facilitate things for vessels so that they do not have to submit different documentation at different ports of call. It will be the same documentation across the world under the FAL Convention,” Ms Joseph stated. 

SMSA and SPA are not expecting any pushback from the regulations, which is an essential component of the SPA’s modernisation efforts.